Production Philosophy

We want our wines to come to the market with the most possible features that identify the unique quality of the terroir. Therefore, the main process lines are based on:

  • We use only our own grapes

  • Intensive thinning of bunches

  • Manual harvest

  • Careful selection of grapes for winemaking

The Organic

In 2012 we took on the challenge of organic production. Anything involving the terroir pointed in this direction. The fact that there are no other vineyards nearby, the extensive land exploitation in this region, the insertion in the natural park and the market trends, all led us to this decision.



Very structured, high character wines, with body and with a constant presence of round tannins, always showing in the whole the special characteristics of the terroir.


The slightly early harvest allows for a pleasant acidity in balance with the characteristics of these grape varieties, creating a white wine that is fresh/elegant, but with volume.

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